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What strength of Android and iPhone would work in their favor?

Android and Apple are two of the most popular names when it comes to smartphones. The two phones have different operating systems, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

For the development of applications for iPhone, the application store is a convenient platform for the distribution and sale of applications. The development of applications for Android is also progressing, but there is still a long way to go to get anywhere to where the iPhone is. App stores are very important when it comes to end users and developers.

Having said that the Android market should not be taken as lightly as the pace at which it is growing, it can be a big concern for the iPhone market. Apple’s operating system is closed. Developed applications must go through controls before they are accepted by the application store. The selection process can discourage developers since the decision to sell the application depends on the authorities of the application store.

The procedure has both positive and negative aspects. Google’s Android market offers an open system that means that applications can be published directly. The platform provides easier access for the developer community to bring their application to the market, so many developers can opt for this platform. Being open can provide more applications, therefore, more variety and diversity.

However, more variety and diversity does not necessarily mean more quality. The point that works in favor of Android is also the one that has a disadvantage for users. Users have to separate themselves from the garbage since there are all kinds of applications available.

With the iPhone, the user has the comfort of knowing that the applications have gone through a selection process and only applications that have met the quality criteria are available. Ratings and comments from the Android Market community provide help in this regard to judge which applications are deficient.

The amount of Android charged by developers is much smaller than the amount of the iPhone. The lower cost of the Android platform makes it easier for the developer to start. The iPhone charges more for the launch of an application and, along with it, also comes the uncertainty that if the application is rejected it will not mean the refund of the start fee.

Both platforms have their own points, but it remains to be seen what strength would prove to be the winning strategy for the two operating systems. Although much is being forecast for both the development of iPhone applications and the Android application development sector, it is the statistics that have the final say.

Five benefits of using phone screen protectors

Most protectors are made of a very thin layer of tempered glass or clear plastic material. It is completely transparent and does not affect the way the phone is used. In addition, the screen protector is available to buy made to measure to make sure it fits perfectly to the individual phone.

Here are five advantages of using a screen saver:

Improve privacy

A privacy guard is a practical option to increase privacy and ensure that private data displayed on the phone’s screen is only seen by the person with the phone directly in front of them. Anyone who is next to the user of the phone will simply see a blurry and illegible screen. This type of protector is perfect for those who are aware of personal privacy or who wish to keep the confidential information of the company hidden.

Reduce glare

A screen protector with a matte finish is a practical option to minimize concerns with a glare. This can affect the readability of the screen due to constant problems with the reflected images. This means that there is no need to squint or stain the eyes to read the screen through the glow.

Prevents finger marks

The most common type of screen protector is the type designed to avoid constant problems with dirty finger marks or smudges. This is a very thin layer of plastic that is practically not noticeable and makes a natural choice to keep the original screen mark free. Most of these protectors are created with a lipophobic coating to repel the natural oils of the skin. This protector is soft and shiny to facilitate the touch or finger maneuvering through the screen without sticking. It is a practical option for those who want to keep the phone screen as new and without smudges any longer.

UV damage

A protector with antireflective properties (AR) is a useful option to avoid UV damage. The AR screen is designed to filter reflected reflection and UVB rays while minimizing the brightness of the sun for more comfortable use. This has the ability to optimize and improve the readability of the screen for better views and less visual fatigue.


The antibacterial protector is a useful option to stop the growth of mold, fungi or bacteria. Any of these problems can cause odors or stains in electronic devices.

Web conferencing providers help people connect

Web conferencing providers help a person make presentations and meetings online. At the beginning of Internet use, the terms known as computer conferencing and web conferencing were used to carry out group discussions with the help of a message panel, which was not active. However, this term has evolved to make possible conferences and meetings live and synchronous. The discussion or communication of the published message is known as a message board, forum or bulletin board. With online web conference today, live discussions are possible.

Web conferencing providers offer various services and software for efficient video conferencing. WebEx is one of these web conferencing services, which can be easily managed, since it is cost-effective for other individual services offered. Rivals such as Placeware and Raindance have emerged in the recent past and have tried to improve their software to improve it, so web conferencing software also works with other applications.

Web conferencing is a dynamic technology in which people use their credit cards to subscribe, so they can make use of web services. Experts have discovered that web conferences are becoming part of the world of everyday business. Web conferencing providers have to make decisions based on the use and convenience of the client.

Web conferencing providers are making their products a defined product, while other web companies such as Microsoft and IBM see their products as a combination of features. The efforts made by companies such as Placeware, WebEx and Raindance are able to defend good ground, as they offer separate applications for web conferences.

If viewed from a corporate point of view, the web conference itself offers all aspects within the needs of a company, since the conference is not only about training, but also organizes events such as discussions, conversations, interactions or communication between users. There are web companies. who use the WebEx service, the industry is still trying to meet the demands of the corporate world and continues to develop new products and services.

The new WebEx service offers four web conferencing facilities, such as granting a single account to several web companies, billing and login functions that provide details of use by the departments. Corporations want to keep records of chargebacks made by each department so that corporations can track and control costs. WebEx presents the option of a single click to start the meeting, customized rooms to resolve the purpose of the meeting and an excellent combination of Microsoft Outlook software in desktop and corporate directories for the convenience of users.

Web conferencing providers are very helpful to people and organizations looking to simplify business opportunities across the country.

Web video conferencing can make any business very profitable

The problem is that very few companies have yet to take advantage of the full potential of web video conferencing. This is an incredible communication tool that can help any company greatly improve profits.

While conference calls have been with us for a long time, the quality of video conferencing on the web has brought a lot of new and exciting features, in addition to drastically reducing the cost of the whole thing.

What exactly is videoconferencing? Video conferencing uses telecommunications with audio and video to gather people in different places for a virtual meeting. This can happen between 2 people or involve several scattered sites around the world. In addition to the audio and visual transmission of people, video conferencing can also be used to share documents and a wide range of information displayed on the computer.

Here is a series of video conferencing call keys that you can use to unlock the profits of your business, whatever your business;

A key: to use videoconferencing to reach markets that were previously unreachable
The world is at your feet if you can master the use of this wonderful communication tool. It can allow you and your company to reach markets that were previously unattainable and unworkable to work. Just start with holding regular web video conferencing events. Post them on your business website and even on sites that reach these new and exciting markets. Then use the amazing reach of the web to communicate and intimate with these new markets. The impact on the final result in the increase in sales will be felt almost immediately.

Key two: reduce your costs ruthlessly
Meetings are much more expensive than most entrepreneurs seem to realize. Even setting them up in the first place can turn out to be a headache when you want to keep in mind the busy schedules of different people so that everyone is there. Why not favor conference calls? With video and audio capabilities, in addition to sharing documents, computer information and white boards, it has everything you would normally have had in a physical meeting and probably a little more.

Only a good cost accountant can help you understand the cost cuts involved here. They say that time is money only that this is not even accurate enough simply because no amount of money can make up for lost time. Imagine the time that all participants will save by not having to move from their desks or work stations? You will soon realize that it is not easy to translate the time saved by everyone into money. In other words, you will end up with great savings throughout the year.

Key three: use online conference calls to take advantage of One on One’s marketing advantage
You can write to a prospect, talk to them on the phone or go see them. Everyone knows that there is nothing as effective as the personal touch that can only be experienced by their physical presence with the prospect. The only problem is that, in many cases, time and logistics just do not allow it. Well, not anymore, because you can do your best and use the video conferencing features to visit many prospects at the same time and provide an informative presentation of what exactly your company has to offer them.

Tips to choose the correct computer repair service

If your computer is off, you can do three things. You can go online and read the forums to find a solution. You can talk to an online support engine. Or you can call a local computer repair shop for help. If you are a new user and do not have computer skills, opening your computer case may not be a good idea.

Check out the comments

While searching for a local service provider, be sure to read the comments online. You can consult Yelp, BBB or Google, for example. Reviewing the reviews will give you a great idea about the different providers.

Alternatively, you can ask family, co-workers, friends or other professionals about the repair services they used in the past. In fact, word of mouth is still one of the most reliable methods to find trusted professionals in any field.

On-site support

In general, the technician can also go to your place to diagnose the problem with your computer. This can save you a lot of trouble, since you will not have to take your computer to the computer store. However, keep in mind that the technician may charge a little more for the additional service. But this can be a good option if you have a busy schedule.

Cost of service

It is better to compare different stores and get quotes while creating a short list of candidates. Be sure to stay away from stores that request in advance or that charge by the hour.

Nowadays, most computer repair shops charge according to the type of problem you have with your machine. And these rates are fixed.


It is good if you are looking for a repair service that does not charge you anything if your problem is not solved. In other words, if you can not repair your computer, you will not have to pay a penny. In general, honest technicians are direct and will not charge you if your computer needs to be replaced, for example. Do not forget to ask for any warranty on labor and parts.


This is the most important point. You do not want to hire any computer repair technician. You only want to hire one who has a lot of experience under his belt. An inexperienced technician can end up damaging your computer even more, which is something you do not want to experience.

Therefore, it is worth the time to find out if the repair service is licensed and experienced. You want to work with a qualified professional.

In short, if your computer is out of service, we suggest you find a reliable repair technician to repair your machine. It is not a good idea to open the case yourself to try to diagnose the problem yourself if you are a newbie. Hiring a professional is a safer option.

Learn about web collaboration and computer networks

Computer networks play a very important role in business processes today. With the increased use of the Internet, companies can stay connected with employees of satellite offices around the world, which increases productivity and workflow. The use of a process called web collaboration helps to ensure that each person is in communication and has the most up-to-date information to be able to work efficiently.

Small businesses can gain a competitive advantage by using this process to bring their employees together. Many small to large organizations have employees scattered throughout the country or even around the world. Employing an expanding workforce can in fact be more profitable. For this reason, there must be a way to close the gap for project meetings, manufacturing questions and other things, including the exchange of resources. By reducing the necessary construction space and allowing employees to work remotely from your home or other locations, operating expenses and overhead are reduced.

The exchange of workload and effort in groups can be easily achieved using computer networks. The options are available for online voice and video conferences, as well as for sharing documents and resources. For many, this means ease of use and the convenience of not having to travel to meetings and conferences. In addition, the union of resources can be used on the site. There are many useful ways to implement web collaboration in a business environment.

To better understand how web collaboration works, let’s see how it works. The process is performed from one site to another through a series of access codes through the Internet. The origin site system must allow access to external sources based on permissions and password protection. It is not a good idea to allow access without a password, as this could give hackers access to sensitive data and client information that you should protect.

There are many sharing programs that are available to Internet users today. These programs are not limited to business users. People can use them as tools to share family photos, notify friends about upcoming events and communicate with people from around the world. In addition, the use of messages and other types of online communication can be used to share any type of data between sources.

The use of these processes has gradually become more effective and easier to use as technology has improved. It has never been so easy to use these programs in the workplace to make video conferencing and file sharing possible. The use of web collaboration greatly reduces commercial expenses and is an intelligent way for smaller organizations to remain competitive in a constantly expanding global market. Without this competitive advantage, many companies would not remain profitable, forcing them to close and many jobs would be lost. The use of Internet tools keeps costs as low as possible while providing the necessary support to do the job, whatever it may be.

The computer network is fast becoming a basic means of communication and file sharing through a workforce that exists outside the brick and mortar building. As more people find it easier and more effective to work from home, companies are using this option to accommodate their employees and make sure they are aware of the projects. As companies expand to include additional offices, warehouses, factories and other off-site facilities, computer networks are becoming more comprehensive for the success of your business.

Benefits of adopting visual inspection systems in production

The need for inspection

For a company that manufactures products at a massive level, it is imperative to verify the operation of all products, not only to avoid waste but also to ensure that customers receive a better and quality service. Traditionally, most of the detection was done through human efforts, but that could only be applied at a very small level. When a company is producing thousands and millions of products, detection by human means is simply not feasible. In addition, a human being can not detect all small defects, such as cracks, etc. To solve this problem, industries are now adopting visual inspection systems that can not only improve the quality of inspection but also offer a good overview of the production line and classify defects collected for further reference.

How do visual inspection systems work?

They are based on industrial cameras that contain digital sensors that acquire images for software and computer hardware to analyze, process and measure all the features and then decide whether a product is completely in shape or not. They also calculate objective measurements, such as holes in electrical outlets, or level of drinks in bottles, etc.

The main components of the visual inspection systems are:

Lights: to illuminate the part to inspect. It is essential to focus on a certain character so that the cameras can capture it.
Lens: the lenses are designed to capture images and present them to sensors. The sensors convert the images into digital images that can be processed to analyze them.
Processing of the vision: they consist of certain algorithms that review the image and carry out the necessary inspections to decide if a product is good or if it has defects.
To achieve accurate and reliable results, visual inspection systems include artificial intelligence to make quick and accurate comparisons between the stored training pattern and the actual products.
Benefits of visual inspection systems:

They are excellent for quantitative measurement due to their accuracy, speed and reliability. Using high-resolution cameras and optical sensors, they can obtain even those details that are normally too small to be seen by the human eye.
They also prevent damage and completely eliminate the cost and maintenance time required for wear and tear and other scratches on mechanical components.
They reduce human participation and, therefore, guarantee operational safety in the manufacturing process. They also prevent humans from being exposed to dangerous environments.
They can be easily and quickly adapted to different production environments.
Workers and servers that are far away can also program and operate these systems.
They completely surpass other inspection systems when it comes to maintaining the consistency of the inspection.
The adoption of visual inspection systems can also cause customers to relax, as they can trust that they will not receive products with quality problems.
Bottom line
No inspection system is as infallible as a visual inspection system, which can be adjusted to all types of production environments to provide the best results on production qualities.

The benefit of Android application development

In the mobile operating systems division, the Android operating system of the software giant Google is gaining a large market share. Many giants of mobile manufacturing have applauded what Google has done with its world-class open source mobile technology in the Android operating system. It is a business presentation, sales presentation, entertainment, games, a universal application, an Android development team available to work. with the personalized requirements of each individual for the application.

Android is very famous among application markets because these applications are designed to be easy to use. The development of Android applications has unlimited benefits for your company or organization. And since developers specialize in the most current operating systems, they will make sure that your application is on par with the rest, accepting all their suggestions.

The good thing is that the market has transformed as it has grown. This facilitates access to the applications you are looking for directly. Or place your application at the forefront of the market and let it be. This will turn visitors into customers. The new Android Market has each category sectioned as soon as the market is open. Once in the application, the download process has been facilitated by having the link placed directly at the top. If the link that is directly at the top of the screen is not convincing enough for people to buy it, a link will be added. To help you promote your product more effectively, the page now includes a thumbnail link to your product video, if it is provided with the application at the time of shipment.

The mobile phone market with Android is growing 32 percent every month, with new phones being launched all the time. Android will connect via WiFi, Bluetooth and wireless data through a cellular connection, such as GPRS, EDGE and 3G. This cutting-edge platform provides seamless integration with Google Maps to show an address directly within an application.

This is not everything. The advantage of Android development is endless. Here are additional reasons to continue with the development of applications for Android. These reasons are for the developer and the consumer’s advantage. These additional advantages include the following; send and receive data through mobile networks through GSM, EDGE, CDMA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, EV-DO and UMTS, extensive libraries for 2D and 3D graphics. This is just the beginning of Andriod’s reign in the mobile phone market. The Android operating system will control the market before we know it.

How to choose the best screen protector and cover for mobile phone

If you are looking for a shell and a phone protector, here are some of the best tips you should keep in mind when choosing the right accessory. With so many brands and options to choose from, and for different purposes for each one, you need to make sure you get the right product.


Never rely on the manufacturer’s website for the price of a screen protector and cell phone cover. Most brands often post quite high prices on their websites but end up offering massive discounts online or in stores. You should check online stores or your local stores when choosing your coverage to make sure you get a rough idea of ​​the price of a blanket. Many of these products are also covered by a lifetime warranty. Make sure you buy them from the official retailers of the covers. Make sure you do not fall for the products because you will not only get the original warranty promised by the manufacturer but also poor quality products that will not be up to par.


Whenever you choose hulls and screen covers, be sure to do your homework and find out what are the best cases for your device. A ton of options will be presented to you and each cover has its own USP. Knowing the differences between materials and what everyone has to offer can make all the difference. You should also check all the features to make sure you do not end up with a ton of useless features you do not need. This will only take up space and give your phone a much bigger feel.

Case type

There are different types of mobile screen protector combos and you choose one that suits your needs. If you prefer aesthetics to protection, you should choose folio cases or suitcases that are heavy in design, but do not have the feel of robustness and offer minimal protection. In general, these slim cases are durable enough for everyday use, avoid scratches on the back and have a raised portion to the screen to ensure that if your phone falls face to face, it will not be damaged at all. If you want enhanced protection, choose a rugged case that can provide you with a high level of protection. These rugged cases have a lot of protection, but you also need to add a lot of weight to your device, which may not be what you want.

In addition to basic protection levels, there are also cases with niche functions such as batteries and other items that may be useful. Some also come with zooms or LED screens. If you want such features, try to check if they are also available for your device.

Get the best Samsung cell phone accessories for your phones

The best of the Samsung accessories that most of us do not know is the elegant and elegant features that attract mobile fans to them. The fashionable and chic functions of the ornaments manufactured by Samsung will simply make you fall in love. They have a cool and elegant design. Once you come into contact with these accessories, you can not resist investing your currency in them. This article will deal with the best cuts that are manufactured by this company.

  1. Hands-free headsets launched by Samsung
    Well, this is the most recognized accessory that prepares the company. The characteristics of this accessory are of great support and especially when you enjoy a long trip with your family or alone. This gives you safe driving and, at the same time, you can talk to your friends and family.

Many people select these Bluetooth headsets, but at the same time, they face the difficulty of charging this accessory from time to time. But the headphones manufactured by this company can be used for a prolonged period without being loaded every day. Therefore, it is not necessary to connect your headphones to the charger again and again.

  1. Leather cases by Samsung
    Many people like to keep their phone in a soft and delicate case. The silicone cases are the most recognized accessory manufactured by this company. These protective covers for your phones are available to customers in many colors. You can use these covers to keep your phone safe tone safe from any damage to the external body. It is a cool and elegant case that can be displayed to your friends and family.
  2. Samsung Lanyards Straps
    The old design of this accessory will simply leave you breathless. These straps add a charm to the appearance of your phone. This accessory is highly customizable and combines well with every phone launched by Samsung. It has the power to add charm and grace to the look of your touch-tone phone.

The three accessories mentioned in this article are very useful and can improve the functions of your cell phone. These accessories are very different from the other ornaments that are available in the market. In addition to all this, these accessories are reasonably priced and have excellent features that can improve the functions of your phone.

Three steps to a powerful, easy and free SEO for your website

If you are not optimizing your web pages for search engines, you are not only losing a large amount of traffic, it is also likely to be costing you money.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is easy, and if you do it yourself, it’s free: it only takes a little time and a strategy.

If you follow the process described in this article, in a few weeks you will get a free traffic flow to your web pages. In addition, the people who arrive at the pages of your site will be targeted visitors, prepared to buy from you, because they have exactly what they are looking for.

While the usual process of SEO is well known, the process described in this article is different, since it focuses on creating landing pages (landing pages) as points of entry to your website.

Let’s see the process.

Step 1: Discover who is looking for you.

Start by thinking about your customers. Who is looking for you and what terms would they write in a query box of the search engine to find you? The terms that they would write in the search engines are the keywords and the key phrases of your site. Make a list of these keywords. If your site has been online for a few months, analyze the records of your references to see what keywords your visitors used. Because search engines are basically indexing software, your keywords are the keys to the realm of SEO.

You will use your keyword lists and phrases to optimize all your web pages.

Use the keywords in: the titles of your pages, the descriptions of your pages, your metatags and, of course, in the content of the pages. You must also use your keywords in the internal links of your website. It is advisable that other site owners link it using the keywords for which you want them to be as well. This tells the search engines exactly what their pages are about and when the pages should be returned in the results of the query.

Optimize each page of your site with specific keywords for your site, as well as for each individual page. Try to create around 300 to 800 words on each page. Although you will not manage a large amount of content for each page (some pages do not need it), the more text you can get on your pages, including your keywords, the better.

However, it is time we will reimburse you again and again in the coming months and years, in FREE web traffic.

In your optimization process, your individual pages are of utmost importance: especially the landing pages of your site.

Step 2: Create landing pages that sell

The strategy to optimize your website to get traffic and make sales is to optimize each page, as well as create specific “landing pages” for your site. This is because your pages reach the top of search engine results pages, known as SERPs, that your sites do not. (SERPs are the pages of the search engine that are returned when people enter search queries in search fields of search engines).

Step 3: Realize that the content of the landing page is the emperor

You will often hear that “content is king”. However, this must be modified so that “the content is king, but the content of the landing page is the emperor.”

The landing pages are sometimes called “web sales pages”. They often develop as the landing point, so to speak, for PPC advertising. These pages usually have a lot of content, which makes them magnetic for search engines.

Think of your landing pages as entry points or landing pages for your site. You want your landing pages to stand out: they are the most important pages on your site.

Because they are so important, you’ll want to create many landing pages for your site: these will be special pages that you’ll create specifically for the keywords you want discovered in search engines. Consider creating a landing page (sales) with unique and information-rich content for each product and service you sell.

Over time, your special landing pages will attract an increasing flow of traffic to your site. Then, in three steps, you have created powerful search engine optimization for your site.

Mobile phones and accessories for mobile phones

For many people, accessories for mobile phones are as important as the phone itself. Honestly, we can not blame them; In fact, accessories for mobile phones are irreplaceable. A phone without accessories lacks something.

There are two different types of accessories, one type with which a mobile phone can not work and the other type of accessories that are not essential but necessary.

A phone can not work without a battery and a charger. While it can still work without headphones, car chargers, protective cases and other types of accessories not essential for mobile phones.

In general, accessories can make your phone very powerful, entertaining, easy to use and functional.

The accessories also depend on the type of phone; Smartphone manufacturers are now competing over time to provide huge stacks of accessories for their customers in order to make their smartphones become more involved in their lives than ever before.

Here is a list of the most used mobile phone accessories:


Probably the most used accessory in the history of mobile phones. It simply facilitates the use of your phone, especially for people who talk too much on their phones. You do not need to hold your phone in your ears for an hour or two; a headset will do the work for you. In addition, listening to music has not been easier. There are so many types of hearing aids that provide the best sound quality and hearing safety.

Bluetooth headset

Well, the headphones had an annoying defect, the cable. It has always been annoying, especially for tall people, who need a higher cable or to place their phones in a higher position. The Bluetooth headset solved the problem. Now, you can still be talking on your phone without even wearing it. Taller people can feel good and relieved. The most important thing is that car drivers can now talk on their phones without the need to be in front of the car speaker or the crazy option of using headphones while driving. One more thing, the elegant look it gives you.

Car chargers

One of the most important accessories that any traveler makes sure is there. Sometimes, or it can be always, your battery fails you. Being of such importance, car chargers have always been an essential accessory that comes with almost any phone.

USB cables

They are very important nowadays. They are essential to connect your phone to the computer. They are used to load, move data, install and maintain software and for much more important uses.

Phone cases

A phone case is a very important accessory, especially for people who tend to be less careful with their phones. They can protect your phone effectively from most everyday situations that can break or damage it. A protective case and screen are good enough to provide 99% protection to your phone.

Energy banks

The need for energy banks is increasing lately. Smartphone has always had disappointing batteries. In fact, a smartphone without battery problems has become a dream for most people. The telephone companies are trying to do everything possible to solve this problem, but it seems that technology is still a bit limited. Ideally, energy banks offer a temporary solution to this problem. If you are outside your home and you are not in your car, you can use a power bank to recharge your phone.

Samsung accessories for your cell phone

Do you want Samsung accessories for your phone? There are many different types of Samsung accessories for mobile phones. In this article, you will discover what you can expect to find.

With the purchase of a mobile phone, you get the phone and some extras. However, they often do not include all the additional things you may need.

This is where Samsung accessories are put in order. With the right phone, you can find the right accessories!

Let’s look at the accessories, and then we’ll see why it’s important to have the right mobile phone to get the right Samsung accessories.

Samsung accessories include cell phone chargers, cell phone batteries, Samsung cases or cases, headphones and other accessories.

Some of these accessories are originally made by Samsung, while there are others, such as batteries, where there are replicas made by other companies. In general, they are of a good standard and are much cheaper than buying the original Samsung.

A certain phone will need a certain accessory.

Take for example the battery. For the battery to work, you need the right phone with the right battery, and this also applies to cases and also to headphones.

Even though headphones are a less obvious place, you should make sure you have the right technology. You want to make sure that, for example, if the headset is for bluetooth, the phone you have, have Bluetooth and the headset works with your particular mobile phone.

Tips to help you buy a portable power charger

Theoretically speaking, a laptop charger must pass the test of time. However, in reality, they do not last that long. They can be damaged or stolen, for example. If your charger does not work, you can not charge or use your laptop. Therefore, it is important that you obtain a new one at an office or electronic store/computer store nearby. You can also buy them online. Below are some tips that can help you choose the right one.

Do not opt ​​for a universal power charger

While the universal charger is a good option, it may not work satisfactorily. This type of charger supports a large number of models, but its components can not meet the specific power requirements of some laptops. In general, the problems are related to the adjustment, feed tips, price and voltage. Therefore, it is better to get a brand.

Do not buy a solar charger

Solar chargers are ecological and efficient. There is a difference between these and the OEM models. Although they can be used safely with most types of machines, we can not say for sure if they can work with all models.

Do not go for a cheap unit

cheap models tend to overheat the computer due to inconsistent energy inputs. Therefore, they can not be considered a good solution.

Do not opt ​​for another brand.

If you choose a charger from a different brand, it probably does not fit. Due to low or high voltage, it can cause problems even if you can connect it to your device.

Go for the recommended charger

Be sure to opt for the correct type of charger. You can get this type of information in different places, such as the bottom of your laptop, the old charger box and the manufacturer’s website. If you are shopping online, the specifications of the article can help you get this information.

Opt for an OEM unit

Ideally, most experts suggest that you obtain an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) unit because it is designed for the type and model of computer you own. It can be difficult to opt for the OEM unit. Therefore, it is better to order online. Often, online stores have a large selection of products that you can buy at competitive prices.

Choose a generic charger if you can not get an OEM

In general, they are compatible and safe to use. Although a generic unit can help you save a lot of money, it may not have enough power. Therefore, we suggest you find out the power requirements of your charger before obtaining a unit.

In short, if you are going to buy the right charger for your laptop, we suggest you consider what is due and not mentioned in this article. I hope this helps.

How to save your cell phone soaked in water

Happens. The children threw your cell phone into the bathroom. Maybe you dropped it. It does not matter, it’s there inside. But just because the phone was soaked in water does not mean it’s over. There are things you can do to make sure that your phone will work again.

First, DO NOT turn on the phone until it is completely dry. The worst thing you can do with a wet phone is to turn it on before it dries completely. Most likely, your warranty does not cover the damage caused by the water, so do not be afraid to open it and remove the battery. IPhones are at a disadvantage here and may have to expire only with turning off the device. If you have an additional memory card, remove it as well. Even if your phone does not do it, the SIM card should be fine.

Let it dry

The priority now is to dry the phone. Microwave ovens, conventional ovens and hair dryers are bad. You do not want to cook, warp, melt or overheat your phone. The interior is fragile, if nothing else, the adhesives that hold the parts together will not react kindly to the heat.

Instead, use canned air if you have it. Or a vacuum to vacuum excess moisture. You can even use a q-tip to remove stubborn water drops. Do not rub the water on the phone, rub it. Do not use alcohol inside your phone because the adhesives mentioned above can dissolve.

Finally, use a desiccant (which is an elegant word for something that absorbs things) to dry out any remaining moisture. The instant oatmeal, the couscous, those little packets of silica gel and in a hurry even the cat litter has been used and seems to work.

Place at least a half cup of instant rice, or the drying substance of your choice, in a Ziplock bag along with your phone, battery and SIM card. Cover the phone with the rice, seal the bag and let it settle. Spending the night would be good, but the longer the better.

After the phone has dried enough, reassemble the pieces, cross your fingers and turn on the phone again. In many cases the phone will start.

In case your phone ends up in salt water, you should remove the battery and rinse the phone with fresh water. You do not want the salt water to dry out and leave a residue inside the phone. It’s already wet, so do not hesitate. That salty residue can be corrosive.

If none of these options are available, simply place the open phone on a shelf and let it stand. Maybe have a fan blow through it. Over time, nature will follow its course and evaporation will do its magic. The more time the better.

Many of these methods have worked for others and there is no reason why they should not do it for you. Keep in mind that most phones have an inside sensor that will let any service technician know that the phone has been wet and that the warranty has been voided. Since the warranty has been canceled, then you really have nothing to lose.